Sept. 19, 2022

Your Website is a Field of Dreams

Your Website is a Field of Dreams

One of the most important things any business can have is control of their online presence. No matter how rigid you want to be on your views of technology in general or the internet specifically, in order to run a business in the current year, you MUST have a website.

Simply put, your business WILL ALWAYS HAVE an online presence. And if you're not the one controlling it, Google will take the liberty of filling out the details of your digital space with what it thinks is the best fit.

Do you have the knowledge to run this efficiently yourself? Do you know if your site should be the foundation of all that you do online? Do you know how and why your website is like a crockpot? Which is better, less... or more? Less or more of what?


You NEED to listen to this episode.

About Adam Wills
I help companies who market products and services related to law enforcement or the military, or are in the hunting & fishing, dignitary security, private security, and private investigations industries.

As a former 15-year law enforcement veteran, deputized US Marshal, law enforcement administrator, lover of hunting and fishing, and enthusiast of all things tactical, I know how to speak yours and your customer's language.

About Austin Molcyk
I began my career in public service with firefighting and EMS, as many others in my family did. After two years I was presented the opportunity to switch to law enforcement and never looked back. I worked the jail, switched to patrol, climbed to Patrol Sergeant, and was accepted onto SWAT. I focused primarily on fugitives and narcotics in rural areas, working with the FBI, DEA, HSI, USPI, Secret Service, and the US Marshals Violent Offender Task Force. During this time, I earned 9 instructor certifications, served as a Field Training Officer, and discovered a love for teaching. 

After 8 adventurous years in law enforcement, fate dictated I take a medical retirement. I am now the Chief Automation Officer for BreacherCRM, and CX Director for Breacher Marketing. 

Matthew 6:19-34

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