Sept. 29, 2020

#091: VA Psychologist Dr. Colleen Richardson

#091: VA Psychologist Dr. Colleen Richardson

On today’s episode, Greg and Brian are joined by Dr. Colleen Richardson. Colleen is the chief of psychology at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Dallas, Texas and is also a veteran herself. Recently, Brian met Colleen in Salt Lake City at the funeral for his friend and fellow Marine veteran Tyler Bues. On August 25th of this year, Tyler, or “Blue” as many people called him, fell victim to the mental health issues he was facing and committed suicide. As discussed in the show, these all too familiar incidents are incredibly emotional and very hard to understand.  

Colleen is an amazing person and she does an incredible job helping veterans every single day. She is one of the people that are "fighting it out in the streets" every day, saving the lives of countless veterans. During the episode, she gives some great takeaways that anyone can benefit from. 

When someone commits suicide we often forget about the people they leave behind so one thing we would ask you to do is to check out the links below and if you can, please contribute to the Go Fund Me that was set up to help out Blue’s wife and two young boys. 

It’s a simple way to directly help someone in need.   

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