Nov. 10, 2020

#097: Learning to Learn with Matt Fennell

#097: Learning to Learn with Matt Fennell

On today’s episode, Greg and Brian are joined by their long time friend Matt Fennel.
Matt is currently running a training facility aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and he also still serves in the Marine Corps Reserves. Matt has trained tens of thousands of Marines in his career and brings an extraordinary amount of experience to this particular conversation. 

Matt recently reached out to Brian and Greg regarding his area of study for the graduate program he is enrolled in. After a few email exchanges, they decided to hop on a call to discuss the topic. 
Basically, the question that Matt is trying to answer is “How do I squash the learning curve?” Meaning, how do we speed up the learning process without losing quality and experience?

They get into a number of areas during the discussion including institutional memory, what makes up proficiency, and how we are never really taught HOW to learn.

Although several of the examples used in the episode involve the military, they also relate these issues directly to the private sector and some of the Fortune 100 companies that they have worked with in the past.  

This conversation was not originally intended to be a podcast but we decided to hit the record button after about ten minutes of talking so please forgive us for some of the audio issues as well as the profanity!

The episode starts with Matt explaining why he reached out to us and the conversation picks up right from there.

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