Dec. 29, 2020

#104: What Is Your Intent?

#104: What Is Your Intent?

In today’s episode, we are talking about the importance of understanding a person's intent, rather than focusing on their ideology or motive

Although this is something we typically talk about when it comes to understanding criminals, terrorists, and insurgents, they often use the same method to help me have a better understanding of social media posts and a better understanding of HOW people use the different social media platforms. 

We get into a number of subjects including the psychological, physiological, and social factors involved in some recent high profile police shootings and we explain the concept of “you knew or should have known” which has to do with establishing responsibility for your actions.

 And speaking of responsibility, we pose this question to all of you: 
Did you EARN your tweet? 
Meaning, are you here to add value because you have something constructive to say, or are you just adding to the noise?

Just a little something to think about when scrolling through your Instagram feed!

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