Jan. 12, 2021

#106: Year 2 of the Pandemic with Dr. Peter Bryant-Greenwood

#106: Year 2 of the Pandemic with Dr. Peter Bryant-Greenwood
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In today’s episode Greg and I are joined by our good friend Dr. Peter Bryant Greenwood. 
Dr. Greenwood is a pathologist who has decades of clinical and biomedical research and development experience in multiple settings, including academia, biotechnology, startups and clinical practice.

We met Dr Greenwood several months ago when we were involved in some of the Pandemic recovery efforts in the Occupational Health industry and we’ve wanted to have him on the show ever since. What I really appreciate about Dr. Greenwood is his ability to explain very complex topics in a manner that even I can understand. 

Although today’s conversation is centered around what the 2nd year of a pandemic looks like and how it will affect us at the personal, corporate, and societal level, we get into a number of areas including how COVID is going to be a major catalyst for change not just for healthcare as a whole but also for our own personal resilience. 

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