June 9, 2021

#125: Thinking; with Dr. Richard Nisbett

#125: Thinking; with Dr. Richard Nisbett

Today we are joined by social psychologist Dr. Richard Nisbett to discuss his latest book called “Thinking: A Memoir.” Dr Nisbett has spent his career researching things like how people reason, how people should reason, why errors in reasoning occur, how much you can improve reasoning, what kinds of problems are best solved by the conscious mind and what kinds by the unconscious mind. 

We get into a number of different areas during the episode including Eastern vs Western thinking, Jukebox Theory, and one of the most prevalent issues I see happen on social media today which is something called fundamental attribution error. 

AT the end of the show, Greg and I stayed on to record our thoughts on the interview. You can listen to a short clip of the conversation and if you enjoyed it you can head over to the Left Of Greg Patreon page to hear the rest. 

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