March 9, 2022

#157: It Depends

#157: It Depends

In this weeks episode we are answering a question that was sent in by one of our listeners. Since the question deals directly with law enforcement training we decided to bring on a very special guest and friend, Brian Willis. 

Brian Willis is recognized throughout North America as a catalyst for change in the law enforcement profession and as a man with many questions. Brian operates Winning Mind Training, a company dedicated to serving the heroic men and women of law enforcement.  

Brian was a full time police officer for 25 years and has over 32 years of law enforcement training experience.  In addition to his work with law enforcement professionals, Brian has served as a mental preparation coach for athletes from a variety of sports including two Olympic athletes.

Brian is proud to serve as the Deputy Executive Director for the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and you can find more information about him by clicking the link the episode details.

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