April 27, 2022

#162: Lantern Rescue

#162: Lantern Rescue
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This week we are joined by Gabrielle and Whitney from Lantern Rescue who we had the pleasure of meeting when they attended one of our in-person training courses not long ago.

Lantern Rescue is a US based, non-profit that fights against Human Trafficking Internationally. Through previous military and law enforcement experience, Lantern’s Rescue Team trains units that combat Human Trafficking in their country. Through a network of advisement, training, rescuing, prosecution, and facilitation of aftercare, Lantern’s goal is to build a sustainable network that will continue to grow and impact the darkest regions of the world. 

Gabrielle and Whitney, Lantern’s Marking and PR Team, share a passion for Early Prevention and Victim Advocacy that fuels their fight against Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation. Through their roles at Lantern they work to share the truth behind Human Trafficking and ways that communities can get involved.

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Lantern Rescue



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