June 8, 2022

#168: Chasing Symptoms

#168: Chasing Symptoms
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Today we are going to be talking about mass shooting events, and specifically school shootings, through the lenses of HBPR&A. We are doing this in order to explain, as best as we can, how and why these events occur in the first place, how and why we react the way that we do, and how and why we think the right training can PREVENT the next school attack.

Greg and Brian are experts on human behavior, not on school shootings. Greg and Brian are experts in pattern recognition, not on partisan politics. Greg and Brian have a deep, fundamental understanding of how to build and implement training and education programs that are specifically designed to determine a persons likely intent, and we have a long history of creating a very real “Left Of Bang” culture at many organizations. 

So for this 3-part series, we will be using a different format than our typical episodes. Think of this as more of a guided discussion rather than a conversation we would have while driving to the airport. Our goal with this discussion is to allow anyone who listens to have a better understanding of these events so that they can make a more informed decision about how to solve this problem at a local level.

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