Jan. 9, 2020

Left of Greg #050: "Never Fight A Clown!" A conversation with Scott Witt

Left of Greg #050:

In this episode, Greg and Brian are joined by a long time fan of the podcast, Mr. Scott Witt. Scott is an award-winning entertainment practitioner and educator with a stage, television, and film career spanning over thirty years. Scottie joins us all the way from Australia to discuss how he relates human behavior from the perspective of a performer and explains to us why you should never fight a clown!

Scott Witt has an incredible background and has a fascinating outlook on life. In this episode, Scottie is here "to share mistakes" as he puts it and he talks about closure, providing hope, and "learning to forget."

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Scott's Bio- http://combatcircus.com/academy

Scott's teaching philosophy - http://combatcircus.com/philosophy

Scott's Blog Home Page - http://chaosandorder-scottie.blogspot.com/

Scott's workshop information: http://combatcircus.com/summer_intensive

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