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A must listen!

Greg and Brian do a phenomenal job and breaking down complex subjects so the average person can make better decisions about their safety.


A unique and valuable souce of quality information delivered in a entertaining style. When it comes to human behavior and your personal safety, will you believe it when you see it, or will you see it when you believe it?

Actionable info every episode!

This has become my favorite podcast by far because it provides a ton of great actionable content and context! Brian and Greg have a great interaction and they provide some incredible content! Highly recommended!

Facts vs Feelings

It is so refreshing to hear a criminal case being discussed from a strictly fact based point of view. I’m truly happy to have come across this podcast. Thank you guys, for injecting rationality into an increasingly irrational world.

Powerful stuff!!

Having worked with these two in the past, I can’t stress hard enough the importance of the information they put out. They care, have been there, and are extremely dedicated to keeping our blue and green warriors safe. Great work guys!

Absolutely the best!

Absolutely the best of the best! No one can do what Arcadia does! Every person needs to follow and learn from Arcadia! Global mission!

Thank you!!!

This podcast is mindblowingly awesome! I’ll be shipping to basic soon and I’m so happy I’m hearing this stuff now. My sister is a school teacher and I’m going to show her this. Plus, you guys are great entertainers. Thank you so much and please keep them coming!