Ep 69: Building Resilience and Defeating Negative Behavior with Dr. Jay Nagdimon of the LAPD

June 15, 2017

Dr. Jay Nagdimon is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and is board certified in Police and Public Safety Psychology. For over the past decade, Dr. Nagdimon has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Behavioral S…

Ep 68: Briefing Topic: Why Are You Here?

May 31, 2017

It’s a simple question. Maybe one you haven’t asked yourself in a while. For some of you, maybe you’ve never asked it. So?

Ep 67: Ryan Michler of Order of Man on Being a Modern Warrior

May 26, 2017

Ryan Michler is the founder and creator of Order of Man and the Order of Man Podcast. If you’re a guy, you need to be listening to this podcast. If you love a guy, listen to this podcast. We cover a lot of ground in this epi…

Ep 66: Tony Horton, Creator of P90X on Living Large

May 17, 2017

Tony Horton doesn’t need much of an introduction. As the creator of P90X he went from being a personal trainer to musicians like Tom Petty and Billy Idol to being a household name and face. A lot of cops, myself included,

Ep 65: Winning the Gunfight Before It Starts with LAPD SWAT’s Scott Reitz

May 10, 2017

Scott Reitz is a retired member of LAPD’s elite Metropolitan Division or “Metro” where he served 10 years on their SWAT team. Scott is also the author of The Art of Modern Gunfighting: The Pistol Volume 1 and the owner and l…

Ep 64: My Dark Companion: PTSD, Depression and Suicide with Shaun O’Gorman of The Strong Life Project

May 3, 2017

Shaun O’Gorman is a retired police officer from Australia. He spent 13 years in service, most of it in the K9 unit. By all accounts, Shaun became a “cop’s cop” after he followed his dad into public service. He spent years ra…

Ep 63: Instagram Sensation @PoliceFitnessNutrition Founder Sgt. Wilson on Community and Accidental Leadership

April 26, 2017

Sgt. Wilson is the founder and the man behind the hugely popular Instagram page @policefitnessnutrition. His page has exploded over the last two years and has a following of 78,ooo followers as of this episode.

Ep 62: Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman on the Bulletproof Mind

April 17, 2017

Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman doesn’t need much of an introduction to law enforcement in the free world. The originator of the “sheepdog” mentality, Lt. Col. Grossman literally wrote the book on that theory. It’s part of his fir…

Ep 61: Briefing Topic: Can You Fight in the Shade?

April 13, 2017

In this short Briefing Topic episode of The Squad Room, Garrett advocates that as professionals, we must follow the example set by an ancient warrior. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @thesquadroom. Thanks for listening.

Ep 60: Chief Steve Pitts on Resilience and Taking Care of Your Officers

April 11, 2017

Steve Pitts has over 30 years in law enforcement, retiring as the chief of Reno PD in Nevada. In Nevada, every first responder has to take an extensive physical every year that includes blood work and biomarkers. It’s mandat…

Ep 59: Portland SWAT Officer Nick Frankus on Confidence: How to Get it, Keep it, and Make Sure It’s Real.

April 4, 2017

Nick Frankus has been with the Portland Police Department for 18 years – many of them on the department’s SWAT Team. Nick is a very observant and introspective guy and he’s been documenting the lessons he’s learned along the…

Ep 58: A Passion for Helping Cops with Chief Jeff Halstead, Founder of Hope4Blue.org

March 27, 2017

Jeff Halstead retired as the Chief of Police for the city of Fort Worth, Texas after a 30+ year career. Jeff rose quickly through the ranks of the Phoenix Police Department before making the jump to Texas. After retiring,

Ep 57: Tony Blauer on Violent Aggression and Managing Fear

March 21, 2017

Tony Blauer says he is engaged in “the study of human movement as it relates to violent aggression.” Tony has been teaching self-defense tactics to cops, tier 1 special operators, and housewives for over thirty years. Blauer…

Ep 56: Briefing Topic: The 5 Questions

March 19, 2017

This short Briefing Topic covers 5 questions I try to ask myself on a daily basis – sometimes several times a day. I’ve noticed that if I go too long without answering these questions, I stray from my goals and who I want to…

Ep 55: Mark Rippetoe and Strength Training for the Tactical Athlete

March 14, 2017

Mark Rippetoe probably doesn’t need an introduction for many of you. The author of “Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training” and “Practical Programming for Strength Training” has been training athletes for 40+ years.

Ep: 54 Briefing Topic: Why You Should Be Obsessed with Failure

March 9, 2017

Dr. David Klinger was a guest on this show. A former LAPD officer, now a college professor, and author of the phenomenal book, “Into the Kill Zone,” says that law enforcement must be preoccupied with failure. I agree.

Ep 53: The Will to Survive with Green Beret Kevin Flike

March 7, 2017

Kevin is a former Green Beret with two combat deployments to Afghanistan. On September 25, 2011, Kevin was shot in the abdomen while on a patrol. Pinned down by enemy fire, an Afghan commando risked his life to save him.

Ep 52: Shift Briefing: Turning Pro

Feb. 27, 2017

Not getting the life you want? Maybe you haven’t turned pro.

Ep 51: Shots Fired! with Sgt. Rick Burkmier of Scottsdale Police Department

Feb. 23, 2017

Sgt. Rick Burkmier of the Scottsdale Police Department has been a FOS (friend of the show) since the beginning. He claims that we were the inspiration for him to start his own podcast on police fitness called Forty Caliber F…

Ep 50: I Was a Dirty Cop with Former LAPD Officer Ruben Palomares

Feb. 14, 2017

Ruben Palomares’ life reads like the script of a Hollywood movie. Born and raised in some of the toughest barrios of Los Angeles, surrounded by abuse and no father figure, Ruben stayed strong and avoided the siren call of ga…

Ep 49: Greg Amundson on Building a Positive Practice and Following Your Path

Feb. 1, 2017

Greg Amundson is an official “FOS” That’s Friend of the Show. Greg’s teachings, books, and leadership have been instrumental in my own development and I know that many of you feel the same way. I know this because more than …

Ep 48: 2016 Year in Review

Jan. 23, 2017

This is a short episode about 2016 and the ass-kicker that it turned out to be. Interview episodes will return in two weeks so sit tight. In the show, I mention our first t-shirt for 2017, a memorial for the 140 officers los…

Ep 47: Developing the Mindset of a Modern Gunfighter with Green Beret Aaron Barruga

Dec. 13, 2016

Creating a tactical mindset for firearms and police work in the modern threat environment.

Ep 46: The Return of Traver Boehm: Darkness, Wilderness and Living with Death

Nov. 16, 2016

Traver Boehm returns to the show after a wild adventure all over the western hemisphere the last 11 months. Listen to episodes 1 and 2 to learn more about Traver, and to episode 23 to hear about what happened in his life tha…