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Awesome show.

Great topics. Great podcast.

Nutrition episode

Great job explaining the importance of food decisions. I have a new appreciation for what and why I should eat.

Valuable Content

Awesome content, excellent guest. Cheesiest 90’s action movie intro!


Great content, professional delivery.


Great podcast with great guests. Keep up the good work!

Thank you

Important content delivered unapologetically. Again, Thank you.


Awesome podcast especially for someone looking into law enforcement


I just found this, days after handling my second OIS as a dispatcher of 12+ years in a generally “Q” state. I happened upon a couple of episodes about trauma and emotional survival, and I can’t say how thankful I am that even the dispatcher is recognized in this as dealing with it. We’re fortunate …

The best police podcast out there

Whether you are a police officer, or want to be one, or just want to know how they think, this podcast offers valuable insights into health, psychology, survival, PTSD, life experiences, and more. Garrett's general premise is how to help others become better, and he goes about his mission with know…

Great Insight!

I’m currently trying to become a LEO and this is a great insight and what to watch out for once I become an officer. Currently on episode 38 and can’t wait to catch up!

Good interview

I have been on the job for 22 years, and this is the only LE podcast I listen to. Interviews like this one or the reason why.

If you could only listen to 1 episode...

If you could only listen to 1 episode, make it 120 of this podcast. Civilian or LEO - doesn’t matter. Everyone has an opinion on law enforcement in today’s world but not all are informed. This episode is a good & necessary start. I never review podcasts o anything for that matter but after being a …

The one.

This podcast has motivated me more than I can express. Not only does it give amazing experiences and guests, but the podcast itself is entertaining. I always enjoy listening to it and learning from it. I’m trying to get into law enforcement myself and this podcast gives me new perspectives all the …


Garrett has such a variety of people he interviews. It really brings different perspectives on how all LE can stay in the fight and remain healthy and productive people, on and off duty. Keep up the great work Garrett!

All cops should listen to this

I stumbled into this podcast by accident. I am so glad I did! The issues discussed are nearly identical to so many of my same issues. From switching between nights and days, to managing life on the job and family, this podcast is proof that all of us on the job have the same problems. Listening to …

Positive Podcast

Listen for motivation to get better, be better, and do better as a first responder.

This podcast holds the line,

I deliver for Amazon momentarily, but am working towards a law enforcement career. I spend 12 hours a day listening to podcasts and many of those hours are spent listening to these gentlemen and a few other LEO podcasts. So much good information. Certainly a good podcast. Thank you guys, not only f…

Awesome. Motivational. Inspiring.

Absolutely love this podcast. I can say it has had a direct and positive impact in my life in the short time I’ve been listening to it. The guests are top caliber phenomenal. The host, Garrett, is an excellent speaker and storyteller. I cannot recommend The Squad Room enough.


Very inspirational content. It is unfortunate that I barely found this show, so I’ve been listening to everything new released and all the old content. Highly recommend it to everyone in the LE field.

Motivating and life changing

I had never listened to a podcast before until I found The Squad Room. While dropping off evidence to a computer tech, she mentioned she listens to podcasts all day in her office. Later on my midnight shift I started episode 1 of the SR after searching for police related podcasts. I am on episode…

Glad I found this

If you’re an LEO... just hit play.

Great info

All the podcasts(several so far) have been relevant to the job. Keep up the good work!

Life changing

I am a cop in the place we call, the land of 10,000 cops, Minnesota. This podcast is literally life changing and a breath of fresh air. Garrett, thank you for your mission, your courage, and you sincerity.



Outstanding podcast

Believe it or not I just found you last week. I love the shows and the work your doing. Keeps up the great work and thank you for doing what you do.

I’m hooked

At this point I’ve listened to about 30 episodes. I found this podcast when searching for one to listen to to inform me about my future in law enforcement. There’s so many aspects of not only law enforcement, fitness, mental challenges a lot of us have and so many great guests on the podcast talkin…

Long Overdue Review

To start this review is overdue by about 3 years so bear with me, it might be along one. This podcast has been with me throughout the enitre to start to my LE career; from when I first became interested in LE, to when I became a reserve, then a CSO, and now am on the threshold of becoming a sworn …


Stumbled across this podcast . The BADGES idea is as good a plan as any self improvement or self help book has ever written . Really great stuff that applies to all- not just law enforcement!! Well done

Awesome Insight

Currently in the application process to become a police officer and this has given me great insight into what to expect as well as what to do to be my best for the profession.


Lots of info! And has helped me prepare myself as I start a career in law enforcement. Thanks for what you guys do!!


Just listened to Episode 73 and it was a very insightful episode. Finally a podcast that changes the paradigms of police culture. More than just physical fitness and gear. Keep up the good work.

Amazing resource

This podcast touches on so much of the aspects that impact our first responders and military behind the scenes. It cuts through the media hype and goes to the core of being human, when you’re expected to be more than human. As someone who is transitioning into law enforcement, having this knowledge…

Podcast to pay attention to

Garrett’s show is fantastic and full of real-time information geared towards first responders. It’s honest and raw-highly recommend.

Great Stuff

I discovered podcasts very recently. My new cruiser came equipped with blue tooth so I gave it a go. I’ve only had the chance to listen to the first 10 podcasts so far, but I will be listening to all of them ASAP. As a active duty police sergeant, who works the overnight shift, a crossfitter, …


Great podcast for current and aspiring LEOs. The interviews are inspiring and educational. The only thing lacking is the frequency of episodes.

5 episodes in and loving it!

There is so much false bravado and ego in the world of law enforcement and it's refreshing to hear an original take on the career absent of both ego and chest pounding. With the public perception of police going rapidly downhill (due to bad actors & poor reporting) it is more important than ever to…

Amazing show

For someone like me who is active duty, and interested in becoming a LEO, this is great. I’ve learned so much about health, fitness, law enforcement, leadership, and so much more. Love this podcast it’s a daily listen. Really makes you think. You will also hear of great books that are a must read.

Thank you from a State Trooper's Wife

Thank you, Sgt. Te Slaa, for your awesome podcast! My husband found it over a year ago while in the hiring process for the state police, and we've both been fans ever since. I appreciate the insight into the challenges my husband faces and the tools and tips we can use to help him excel in his care…


Incredible show, great advice, really glad I found it


I am currently a Patrolman in Oklahoma. This has been great to listen to while on duty. So glad I came across this podcast. Episode 76 was amazing and something I will be looking into for sure. Thank you for taking the time to do this for all us listeners!!!


An honest thoughtful perspective to the job of law enforcement. If you are looking o get into law enforcement or are a active worker i couldn’t recommend this podcast enough.

Open mindset

This is a great podcast for LEOs supporting an open mindset.

Great information.

Great Pod Cast for anyone who truly wants to improve their life as a LEO, from fitness, tactics, mental health, mind set, training ect. This Pod Cast really explores every category that will help improve your life as a Law Enforcement Officer.

My Pillar!

I started listening to the SquadRoom while I was trying to transition to a career in LE. This podcast was a pillar during my journey. It helped me get through the months of waiting and jumping through hoops until I was finally hired and sent to the academy. I never stopped listening and actually wa…

Great Podcast!

I had a friend (another Peace Officer) turn me on to this Podcast. This is an awesome Podcast and as a Peace Officer I can totally relate to the conversations. I will continue listening and tell others to listen!

Life Changing.

This podcast is probably the first podcast that I have listened to and my life has changed for the better. I am eternally grateful, keep up the good work!!

Great podcast!

Outstanding podcast and very beneficial to listen to regardless of your career. I am only a few episodes into this podcast and I have found myself critically evaluating my current self and how to improve myself down the road. If you are looking to make a big change in your life and need a final pus…

Lt D Grossman

Loved the episode with Lt Dave Grossman. Definitely going to see him speak when he's in town next time.

Great stuff

Not one to write reviews, but it's so easy to relate all the podcasts episodes and picking up good info. Highly recommend

Awesome Show

I have learned a lot from this podcast and it is really wonderful to get all this advice as I am just getting into the profession. There are a lot of tips and tricks I have learned that I will be able to apply and think about during my time in the academy coming up here shortly and beyond. Thank yo…

Graveyard Shift

I'm one of those 3AM cops. I've made it through the first 5 podcasts and really enjoy it so far. It's great to have someone in a senior position (Im a rookie) spreading his knowledge on Officer well being. Thanks for what you do, I look forward to those quiet nights at 3AM.

Instantly captivating!!!

Dry glad I happened to find this podcast by accident. As an aspiring to become a LEO I'm finding it very motivating and informative..

Best Podcast Out There

I am someone who subscribes to many podcasts, related and unrelated to law enforcement. I will admit that most of the subscriptions are unnecessary, as I find myself selectively scrolling through episode lists searching for specific information. However, the Squad Room podcast is different. I genui…

The intel you need to built your resilience!

Great topics, interesting guests, and Garrett does a great job interviewing and reiterating key concepts.

Great podcast

This is probably one of the best, most needed podcasts for working LE's. We all get formal training, but nothing covers all the other facets of the job....balancing physical and emotional fitness with, family, financial demands. This podcast covers so many of these 'grey' areas…

My favorite podcast! LEO essential.

I found this podcast a few weeks ago and it is nothing but fantastic. As someone who is looking into getting into law enforcement it is a wealth of information. I feel like it is preparing me for the academy and giving me practical solutions to problems facing people in the law enforcement communit…


As a young guy wanting to get into LE the Squad Room had been a fantastic resource, and has gone a long way towards keeping me motivated with my training as I get closer to being able to apply. Whether it by physical training, my meals, or academic training Sgt. Garret had done a phenomenal job of …


This show is worth the time to listen. Garrett brings in great guests with a lot of interesting and informative content. Chillin' in your patrol car on a hot day or a cold night? Fire up a few episodes. Good stuff!

Great Podcast

I've been a listener from the beginning and have learned something from every episode. The guests are top notch and the topics are right on point for the listeners. If you're a cop, the spouse of a cop or any member of public safety I would highly recommend listening to The Squad Room. You won't be…

Great Podcast!

I originally stumbled across this podcast and was a bit worried about content based of the title and my desire not to listen to "cop stuff" on my days off. Boy was I wrong! I just finished listening to the last recorded episode (67) and want to compliment Garrett on his vast variety of applicable …

Too notch show. Highly recommend to law enforcement

Garrett, as a longtime listener and fellow law Enforcement officer I can honestly say that listening to your show has really had a positive impact on myself. Having the ability to listen to your show on my commute home gives me the motivation to spend those extra few minutes once I get home in eith…

Great podcast for first responders!!!

I started listening to this podcast after I left my old department and moved to a different state. I was dealing with a lot of the issues discussed in this podcast as far as mental and physical health. I decided to go back to LEO after moving, but needed the motivation and push to get back in to th…

AN LEO Must Listen

The best fitness podcast specifically for LEO.


I wish I could leave a 6th star. This is a great podcast. There are 4 groups of people that listen to it. If you fall into one of the four groups I would highly recommend you do too.

This podcast can save your life.

Former sheriff's deputy here: this podcast can save your life. Garrett brings information about every aspect of our busy, dangerous, and beautiful profession and how we can be better warriors, guardians, sheepdogs, and tactical athletes. From sleep to shooting, fitness to nutrition, meditation to s…

Great podcast

This is exactly the type of podcast I have been looking for. Keep it up!

Can't stop listening.

I was referred to this podcast by a friend and since I started listening my day isn't complete until I've heard at least one episode. Great information and motivation for everyone, but especially LE.

Garrett, thank you for this EXCELLENT podcast!!

I co-founded a 501c3 nonprofit in support of transitioning U.S. military vets, and many are interested in pursuing civilian careers in Law Enforcement. This podcast is so incredibly well done I'm now promoting it in our "Project Transition USA" group on LinkedIN and encouraging ALL our members to …


Have NEVER written a review. But this was worth my time. Excellent podcast! Variety of topics. Thought provoking, educational, inspirational. Garrett is a great interviewer. Humble and transparent in sharing the challenges, joys and successes of wearing the badge. And being human. I found myself …

Excellent Podcast

This is spot on. I listen to this on my drive to and from work. Keep up the great work.

Great Interviews

I just started listening to this podcast a few months ago based on a recommendation from another LEO. I've learned something from every podcast I've heard and the guests he gets have very valuable information. Everyone, officers and civilians, can learn from these podcasts. Keep em coming!

Great podcast

I started listening to the Squad Room last summer on two trips down and back for training in Southern California. I started from beginning to current at that time and realized it's just great! I love continued themes of fitness, officer safety, confidence, humbleness, and overall mental health. Thi…

Fills a void

Excellent podcast that really fills a gap in podcast offerings. Not many podcasts out that cover the topics of law enforcement - especially related to health and wellness. I have listened to every episode (usually on duty) and have enjoyed each one. This podcast brings on really good guests, even t…

Holding the Line Strong

Great work. I've seen a lot of production and quality improvements over the course of the episodes. Really got a lot out of the one with Scottsdale Sergeant.


Incredible podcast with so many inspiring topics and guests. Shout out to Traver Boehm, awesome human!

Best show for First Responders

I listen to a lot of Podcasts, but Garrett has the best show for first responders. He covers more than just physical fitness; he addresses the total package. He's doing great work and blazing the way for others. His struggle is our struggle; anyone can benefit from this show and if you haven't l…


As someone getting into law enforcement, I have been finding as much information as I can to fill my free time with. I've struggled with weight my whole life and have found podcasts to be my favorite thing to listen to during my cardio sessions. I've found this podcast to be very information and in…


Found this show later and listen to all the episodes and love listen advise of the guess. As a law enforcement officer love the struggles he talks about. Listen to it late at night when it is dead out while on patrol.


I am a fan of the Joe Rogan experience, and The Tim Ferriss show podcasts; and After being on the job for a bit I wanted a podcast that I could relate to and learn from. There were a few police podcast I was looking at, but chose this one based on the people being interviewed and the squad room ico…

Don't hesitate...Listen!

Great podcast I regret hesitating to listen to because of the topic. Once I listened to one episode I was hooked! Great discussions involving mental and physical health of police officers. My interest in crossfit was reincarnated and I am now more committed to working out. Perfect to listen to o…

Every LEO needs to listen

I continue to get an eerie feeling with every episode I listen to. Garrett discusses so many relevant topics to my own career, health and motivation or lack there of at times. The show is very casual and easy to listen to. I find myself laughing at the same time it makes me evaluate current or pa…

Great Content

I've listened to the first 5 episodes, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the podcast so far. It is tailored to law enforcement, but applicable to many other people and professions. I hope the episodes keep coming. Definitely recommend it!

Great for Anyone

I was introduced to this show because of Aaron Barruga and Ep 36 and was instantly hooked, and am currently making my way through all of the past episodes as fast as I can. I am not a LEO, but I have been in the infantry (both USMC and NG) for almost a decade, and there is an amazing amount of carr…

Great resource!

I can't recall how I got into the podcast but it has been a really enjoyable listen. Garrett gets great pro police guests that provide helpful tips and insight into the unique lifestyle of leos

Enjoying the insight

Good diversity in speakers. Honest talks and honest info.

If you're interested in functional fitness for the tactical athlete give this a listen!

Recently stumbled into this Podcast! It's really a great listen, great topics well presented and a must listen for those interested in functional fitness for the tactical athlete!!!

Essential Listening

As a 17-year veteran of law enforcement, I’ve only just recently (the last 6 years or so) come to realize the importance of overall officer wellness. Garrett does an incredible job of bringing in relevant discussion and guests to offer officers and other first responders some key information about …

Excellent information for first responders

As a 26 year veteran in law enforcement, I found this podcast to be very useful. It focuses on the health component, both physically and mentally, for all first responders. Great job Garrett!

Must Listen

I can’t thank Garrett enough for making this podcast. There is a serious lack of law enforcement podcasts, and I couldn’t be more happy that I found this one. Every episode is full of nuggets and inspiration to change you life for the better. Being a LEO and a family man takes up a ton of time, and…

Food for thought

I am really enjoying the podcast. No sugar coating, just real experiences from LEO's. I may not always agree with what is being said, but every episode makes me think. And that's a good thing.

Fantastic Resource for Police Officers

The Squad Room is an excellent podcast on multiple levels. It has unique and intriguing content. The subject matter is Physical, Mental, and Emotional well being for police officers. This is a critically important topic that no other podcast is toughing on. It’s a great resource for Law Enforcemen…

Exactly what I needed

I got out of the army about a year ago, had two kids with my wife, went back to school and put on 50lbs of weight. 2016 marked my journey back into law enforcement (prior Army K-9) and this podcast has served as a great source of information and motivation. I am two episodes in and thus far everyt…

Great show!!

This show is a great way to pass the last few hours of a night shift. The topics are fantastic and have already caused a number of positive changes in my life (foundations, nutritional go bags, etc). Looking forward to future episodes,


Garrett has put together a great podcast for law enforcement officers specifically, and other public safety personnel generally. Even after seven years of retirement from law enforcement, heath and fitness remains a focus for me, and Garrett’s guests are a terrific source of information.

Great podcast

Excellent podcast to listen to at work and while working out. A lot of great information.

Great podcast!

I am enjoying these podcasts. As someone transitioning into LE, these are very informative. I'm already a crossfitter but I'm adding new stuff to my list to learn more about and add to my wellness bucket - like meditation!

Great Podcast

Great podcast for anyone in law enforcement. I'm going into law enforcement and I will be starting the academy in February. Listening to the advice from this podcast makes me more excited and I feel better prepared. I started crossfit in August so I feel like this podcast really speaks to me becaus…


I'm a 21+ year police officer. This podcast has outstanding information for every single law enforcement officer or first responder. I wish I had know this stuff years ago. Thanks for doing this!

Useful knowledge

You don't have to be in law enforcement to enjoy and learn from this podcast. As someone who does moderate strenuous lifting all day at work, I am learning how to maintain and improve my health. Thanks.

Simple & Effective

Very good podcast that touches on many subjects related to the physical and mental effects "The Job" has on LEO's. Keep up the good work.