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Great diversity of information

The podcast touches on so many pivotal topics. It isn’t just one type of podcast, but covers a vast amount of material with one common goal- to just be better. Love it.

Might save your life

Should be mandatory listening for all LEO and first responders.

Great resource for first responders, spouses, family and relatives

High quality content for first responders ranging from the pre- academy recruit to the old salty dogs. Something for everyone in each episode.

Awesome show.

Great topics. Great podcast.

Nutrition episode

Great job explaining the importance of food decisions. I have a new appreciation for what and why I should eat.

Valuable Content

Awesome content, excellent guest. Cheesiest 90’s action movie intro!


Great content, professional delivery.


Great podcast with great guests. Keep up the good work!

Thank you

Important content delivered unapologetically. Again, Thank you.


Awesome podcast especially for someone looking into law enforcement


I just found this, days after handling my second OIS as a dispatcher of 12+ years in a generally “Q” state. I happened upon a couple of episodes about trauma and emotional survival, and I can’t say how thankful I am that even the dispatcher is recognized in this as dealing with it. We’re fortunate in my agency to get to know our Troopers well, so having one hit by gunfire on my shift, two days before Christmas (and three years to the day after my first OIS), was really hard. I STRONGLY recommend this to anyone working in this field, regardless of which side of the radio you may be on... and I say this as not only a dispatcher, but also as a LEO daughter and wife. Thank you. Stay safe.

The best police podcast out there

Whether you are a police officer, or want to be one, or just want to know how they think, this podcast offers valuable insights into health, psychology, survival, PTSD, life experiences, and more. Garrett's general premise is how to help others become better, and he goes about his mission with knowledge, sincerity and compassion. Garrett asks the hard questions that make you think and stick with you on your journey to becoming a better you. A valuable source of information for anyone looking to improve themselves.

Great Insight!

I’m currently trying to become a LEO and this is a great insight and what to watch out for once I become an officer. Currently on episode 38 and can’t wait to catch up!

Good interview

I have been on the job for 22 years, and this is the only LE podcast I listen to. Interviews like this one or the reason why.

If you could only listen to 1 episode...

If you could only listen to 1 episode, make it 120 of this podcast. Civilian or LEO - doesn’t matter. Everyone has an opinion on law enforcement in today’s world but not all are informed. This episode is a good & necessary start. I never review podcasts o anything for that matter but after being a subscribed listener for for a while now, this episode compelled me. Thanks, Garrett.

The one.

This podcast has motivated me more than I can express. Not only does it give amazing experiences and guests, but the podcast itself is entertaining. I always enjoy listening to it and learning from it. I’m trying to get into law enforcement myself and this podcast gives me new perspectives all the time that keeps me interested and my mind open. Thank you for making such a great experience.


Garrett has such a variety of people he interviews. It really brings different perspectives on how all LE can stay in the fight and remain healthy and productive people, on and off duty. Keep up the great work Garrett!

All cops should listen to this

I stumbled into this podcast by accident. I am so glad I did! The issues discussed are nearly identical to so many of my same issues. From switching between nights and days, to managing life on the job and family, this podcast is proof that all of us on the job have the same problems. Listening to this podcast has not only motivated me to continue my journey to a healthier life, but I’ve also gotten a ton of great advice! Listening to this podcast can be life changing if you are a first responder!

Positive Podcast

Listen for motivation to get better, be better, and do better as a first responder.

This podcast holds the line,

I deliver for Amazon momentarily, but am working towards a law enforcement career. I spend 12 hours a day listening to podcasts and many of those hours are spent listening to these gentlemen and a few other LEO podcasts. So much good information. Certainly a good podcast. Thank you guys, not only for the work in the LE world, but for what you do with the podcast!

Awesome. Motivational. Inspiring.

Absolutely love this podcast. I can say it has had a direct and positive impact in my life in the short time I’ve been listening to it. The guests are top caliber phenomenal. The host, Garrett, is an excellent speaker and storyteller. I cannot recommend The Squad Room enough.


Very inspirational content. It is unfortunate that I barely found this show, so I’ve been listening to everything new released and all the old content. Highly recommend it to everyone in the LE field.

Motivating and life changing

I had never listened to a podcast before until I found The Squad Room. While dropping off evidence to a computer tech, she mentioned she listens to podcasts all day in her office. Later on my midnight shift I started episode 1 of the SR after searching for police related podcasts. I am on episode 15 now and have started at a CrossFit gym and changed my diet. This is just the motivation I needed and I continue to listen to episodes while in the cruiser on midnights. Thank you Garrett for taking the time to start this project. Stay safe!

Glad I found this

If you’re an LEO... just hit play.

Great info

All the podcasts(several so far) have been relevant to the job. Keep up the good work!

Life changing

I am a cop in the place we call, the land of 10,000 cops, Minnesota. This podcast is literally life changing and a breath of fresh air. Garrett, thank you for your mission, your courage, and you sincerity.



Outstanding podcast

Believe it or not I just found you last week. I love the shows and the work your doing. Keeps up the great work and thank you for doing what you do.

I’m hooked

At this point I’ve listened to about 30 episodes. I found this podcast when searching for one to listen to to inform me about my future in law enforcement. There’s so many aspects of not only law enforcement, fitness, mental challenges a lot of us have and so many great guests on the podcast talking about their background.

Long Overdue Review

To start this review is overdue by about 3 years so bear with me, it might be along one. This podcast has been with me throughout the enitre to start to my LE career; from when I first became interested in LE, to when I became a reserve, then a CSO, and now am on the threshold of becoming a sworn officer with the same department. Garrett has created something wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, and real. He shares his struggles and his triumphs in all aspects of life both inside and outside of LE. Garrett introduces knowledge and resources that are absolutely invaluable for anybody working in the first responder field or in military service. Garrett's service to the community goes beyond just this podcast and the social media community (which is incredible and supportive). Garrett will personally respond to messages or emails and these responses are personal, thought-out, and welcoming. While in the academy, I reached out to Garrett for his take on a subject I had to write a research essay on. I received a response in record timing and had an email conversation back-and-forth with him aobut the subject. I have interacted with him a number of ways throughout the years and he has always been genuine. Garrett, thank you for creating such an amazing source of information and community. Take care of yourself and stay safe brother.